Carrboro, NC – CHASER


Andddddddd. Yup. It’s time for a wee bit of insistent pressure. So. I sent a chaser to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, along with Chief Walter Horton of the Carrboro Police. And yes, I tag everyone, because it’s called ‘citizen lobbying’:

“Hey Everyone,

I held off following up further on the conversations we’ve been having about the above, in view of the focus on the Arts Center proposal. I wasn’t able to attend the meeting last evening. And haven’t watched the stream. But I have read the limited coverage in Chapelboro.

As with the various policing forums, the meeting was well attended. What was interesting was the manner in which the matter is being taken forward. Driven by the Board. Involving at least one more meeting. With the Board looking ot encourage certain attendees. And the possibility of a work session. I see possible similarities as to how one could move forward the discussion on involving citizenry more in the design and monitoring of our policing.

Damon, I know there are certain things you are looking into, but I was kind of hoping for your notes on what we had been discussing. What are the next immediate plans? Is it intended there be any more movement before the forum currently planned for June? I would hope so.

All the best,


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