Help Ferguson


It is my humble opinion that the best way to resolve the situation in Ferguson, Missouri is to start voting in candidates for their City Council who want change.

I can’t vote in Ferguson, but I can quote Patricia Bynes (Ferguson Township Democratic Committeewoman), who has this to say about two of the candidates in the Ferguson City Council Elections, due to take place in two days’ time:

“In the 2nd Ward, we are supporting Bob Hudgins, a protest leader and former journalist who is making transparency in government and accountability his platform. Bob’s opponent is current Ferguson Mayor James Knowles’ predecessor, who, during his tenure as Mayor, hired both the City Manager that recently resigned and signed off on the widely discredited Police Chief.

In the 3rd Ward, we are enthusiastically backing Lee Smith, a retired union electrician and the first African American President and Business Agent for a local IBEW union in the Midwest. Lee is also a widower who has raised ten children in Ferguson and is committed to rebuilding trust in local government. Lee’s opponent is a lawyer, as well as a prosecutor in one municipality, while serving as a judge in a neighboring municipality. This is exactly the circle of influence that needs to be stopped in the municipal courts locally and throughout the region.”

For all I know, these candidates might be right crap. But Patricia is the lady on the ground. She is the one Daily Kos listen to. And you can help by chipping in a little cigarette money for Bob and Lee, via Daily Kos.

The system in Ferguson needs fixing. It won’t be fixed with marches, shouting, rocks or guns. It will be fixed by voting. And donating. Please help.


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