Carrboro, Citizens, Policing – Conflation and Progress


I link to my latest update on the evolving process ultimately to allow the citizens of Carrboro, NC to design the policing approach in our community, a process I believe is essential to improving the relationship between all citizens and our police (in Carrboro and around the US), and a process which can more easily be explored in a community like Carrboro, which has a reputation for innovative approaches to governance.

This comment, the discussion thread in which it is embedded, and the links contained, offer an excellent reference point for learning about, becoming involved in and influencing the drive for citizen design of policing in Carrboro, along with my own blog –

Now, nothing is going to happen unless citizens of Carrboro make the time to attend the community forums being staged by the Carrboro police and the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. Those forums are the focal point for evolving citizen design of policing. All the wishful thinking, chit-chat here on FB and elsewhere, marches and the like, will count for nothing unless we attend those forums, and evolve them into a sustainable ongoing process of citizen policy making for Carrboro police.

So. It is now up to us to make this happen.


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