Eric Garner Revisited


I’m not going to address the circumstances described in this article of what happened during and after Eric Garner’s death. Just the rules of engagement leading up to the chokehold.

I have posted recently about policing approach in the UK. And something beginning to rear its head there is alluded to in this article. Namely that it may be time for citizens to instruct their police to be less aggressive in pursuit of minor crimes.

Of course, step one is to put citizens in charge of designing policing policy. That is much simpler than it sounds. It merely requires that officials elected to the agencies which fund law enforcement grow some big ones and start designing policy for their employees. And that they also allow concerned citizens to be a part of that designing.

Next, it requires that those elected officials and concerned citizens start thinking about all the ways to reduce law infringement and make law enforcement less confrontational, perhaps using the UK as a template.


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