The only way we are going to achieve policing with which the citizenry are comfortable is when citizens themselves design the policing approach.

We need desperately to explore the concept in ‘safe’ communities, like Carrboro, NC. And we need to do it now. Before more people die. Before more cities burn.

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen are holding a second policing community forum on June 29, at which forum I will be asking Aldermen and the Carrboro Police Chief publicly to commit to exploring citizen design of policing.

Attend. Please. Speak. Support.

In the meantime, the policing we have. The officers we have. The rules of conduct we have. Are what we have. Under the system which the people have not yet chosen to change.

Until the people decide to change that system. It is the system we have. If you don’t like it. Campaign for change. Attend the Carrboro forum. Demand similar forums in your community.

But one thing is absolutely certain. No meaningful change has ever been effected, or will now be effected, through rioting.


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